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What is the Dewatering Process on a Construction Site?

The dewatering process in construction sites involves the removal of groundwater or surface water from the workplace. The process is usually carried out by pumping or through evaporation before excavating the ground for footing. It also helps to lower the water table for rapid excavation. So how do you dewater a construction site?

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Dewatering a construction site helps to protect equipment and materials on-site from getting damaged by water. Nearly all construction sites carry out dewatering processes to remove water accumulated in trenches and excavations. In this guide, we look at the dewatering benefits and precautions. Let’s get started.

Why is Dewatering Necessary?

When constructing a structure in a wet area, you’ll need to remove all the water to create a safer work environment. Too much water on the site might compromise the structure under construction. While most builders usually use dewatering pumps to get rid of water on construction sites, they have to observe certain precautionary measures.

Important Things to Remember During the Process

If you’re pumping out water from the construction site, you have to be more careful with where you discharge the water to avoid erosion.

Here are the things to remember when selecting a discharge location for the water.

  • Avoid pumping water directly into slopes
  • Stop the dewatering if the discharge region shows signs of erosion or instability
  • Ensure the channels used on dewatering are steady and in better condition
  • Avoid discharging water contaminated with grease, oil, and chemicals directly
  • Obtain supplementary permits and requirements from the local authorities

Pro Tip: Use sediment bags to remove sediments in the pumped water. The bags are made of strong geotextile fabric, which filters water by getting rid of the sediments.

Methods of Dewatering a Work Site

Removing water from an excavation area or open trenches can be achieved in many ways. Despite pumping being the most popular solution, there are better dewatering methods that can help you get rid of water, including the use of Aqua-Barrier®. It’s the best dewatering solution that every builder should embrace.

Aqua-Barrier® is an inflatable bladder dam that restricts water from reentering the job site during construction. It consists of an industrial-grade vinyl-coated polyester, making it sturdier and more durable. The good news is, Aqua-Barrier® can withstand harsh environmental conditions and terrains. It is also reusable.

Safely Dewatering Your Construction Site

The dewatering process in construction sites is one of the best ways to ensure safety in the workplace. It prevents water from damaging construction materials and equipment. Select a dewatering method that is safer and reliable, such as the use of Aqua-Barrier®.

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