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Pipeline Construction and Dewatering Your Worksite

The favorable outlook for pipeline construction in 2017 has many developers looking for new opportunities. With the Dakota Access Pipeline and Keystone Pipeline back on the table and other projects heating up, the timing couldn’t be better. It has never been more important to improve your process efficiency and ensure the success of your projects than now. Pipeline construction often involves the difficulty of working in the water. Consider the benefits of using a water inflated cofferdam to dewater your worksite.

Pipeline Construction and Dewatering in 2017

Dewatering your worksite is a common necessity in pipeline construction. For this reason, it presents a good opportunity to lower costs and increase efficiency. Using a water inflated dam like the Aqua-Barrier® Cofferdam to dewater your worksite will help you do both. Gain an edge on your competition in 2017 with this innovative dewatering solution from Hydrological Solutions.

They are quick and easy to install and easy to store. This environmentally friendly and reusable approach to dewatering allows your crew to work safely and efficiently. Avoid the hassle of sandbags and give your project the best chance for success. Aqua-Barrier® Cofferdams mold to the environment, forming a seal and reducing the risk of water seeping through the cracks. Installation is easy- just let the water do the work.

Also Great for Pipeline Inspections

Make your pipeline inspections quicker and easier with an Aqua-Barrier® Cofferdam. It is able to control surface water up to 6 ft. deep and is useable in varying terrains and environments. Designed with you and your crew’s safety in mind, you can do your work and inspections with peace of mind.

A Better Choice

As the pipeline industry ramps up for growth, look for ways to improve and enhance your processes. Pipeline construction and dewatering go hand in hand, so don’t pass an opportunity to gain an edge on your competition. Consider the Aqua-Barrier® Cofferdam as your 2017 solution for worksite dewatering and pipeline inspections. Contact Us for more information on dewatering solutions for your pipeline projects this year.

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