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Using Diversion Pipes to Maintain Water Flow

Diversion pipes have helped many contractors dewater areas where construction of abutments, bulkheads, piers, retaining walls, and other structures occur. When working in applications that require dry work surfaces, you’ll need to cut off the water flow. The ideal solution is always using diversion pipes as they ensure all water is fully managed.

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Using diversion pipes to maintain high flows of water allows you to enjoy several benefits that you wouldn’t get with other options. Cost-effective solutions, working on a dry site, and maintaining the water flow are outstanding benefits of using diversion pipes. Let’s have a glance at each of them in detail below.

A Cost-Effective Solution

Considering the effectiveness of diversion pipes‘ work output, going for them is more cost-effective than using cofferdams or other options. Diversion pipes ensure that surface waters are completely dried out for a successful project. The entire project’s cost might be higher than that of using cofferdams, but it is effective in the long run.

Securing a Dry Site

The main purpose of using diversion pipes is to maintain a dry work area by diverting surface water. Diversion pipes will do the work perfectly, even if your construction projects are below or adjacent surface waters.

The construction team will need to divert the flow of the entire stream or river to complete the construction successfully. Cofferdams, diversion dikes, or channels may not be as effective as diversion pipes in such cases.

Maintaining Water Flow

Diversion pipes also help constructors to maintain water flow as the project continues. If a river was needed downstream for other purposes, using diversion pipes will allow the water to continue to its course normally while keeping the surrounding areas dry.

While other methods will help achieve a dry work area, they may not be as effective as diversion pipes in maintaining water flow. You can build diversion pipes using durable materials like High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) to withstand harsh site conditions. This makes it easy to maintain the high pressure of water flow for a long time.


Constructions in nature’s space will always lead to a water resource or reservoir that obstructs the project’s success. Diversion pipes will always do a great job of diverting water away from the construction site. However, getting the best deals for reliable diversion pipes and installation services depends on the company you source from.

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