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2017-2018 Winter Weather Predictions for the US

November is almost upon us again and that means winter weather is on its way. The general forecast for this winter is much colder than our previous winter but no colder than usual. Much of the northern US will see milder than normal temperatures while most of the South and West will be a bit cooler than normal.

Winter Weather Predictions for November 2017 through March 2018

It’s good to be prepared for the coming winter season. Whether in construction, oil pipeline work, or in your personal life, it’s good to have an idea of what to expect.

Cold and Snowy Winter for the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic

Winter this year for the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic is expected to be quite a bit colder than last winter, but not any colder than usual. Temperatures in the northern US are expected to be milder than average while the south and west will be mostly cooler. The precipitation levels will be above normal. Snowfall in portions of the Northeast, Intermountain region, central Plains, central Great Lakes, and eastern Tennessee to New Mexico are expected to be above normal yielding a good ski season for the Northeast.

Frigid and Dry for the Northern Plains

The Northern Plains will experience regular sub-zero levels, at times plummeting as low as -30 degrees F in the Dakotas. The recent drought trend in this region is expected to continue. States in this region will experience significantly less snowfall and overall drier conditions.

Both Dry and Cold in the Upper Midwest

Ranging eastward into the Midwest the weather is expected to remain both dry and cold. The eastern Corn Belt should experience more snow and ice than normal.

Severe in the Southeast, Tennessee Valley

Florida and Georgia will experience above normal temperatures, while Florida will be mostly dry. The Tennessee Valley into northeast Texas will see colder weather and some ice storms with increased tornado activity in February.

Snowfall in Northwest, Rockies

The Northwest and Rockies will receive abundant precipitation. La Niña is expected to be weak this year, so winter storms in the north are expected to be mild. However, snowfall is expected to be above normal.

Temperatures Up and Down for the Southern Plains

Some areas, such as Southwest Texas, will experience above normal temperatures while others will enjoy cooler temperatures. Expect freezes in late January along with dry periods and stormy weather. Storms expected in Northwest and Southwest Texas, but not more than normal.

Mildly Snowy and Wet in California, the Southwest

Central and northern California expected to be mildly snowy and wet. The Southwest is expected to see temperatures in the 90’s in early 2018.

El Niño Unlikely

There are currently no active patterns for El Niño or La Niña for this winter. This typically means we can expect neutral conditions in the Northern Hemisphere.

Snowmelt Flooding: Winter’s Last Hazard

If you’re in an area with typically heavy snowfall, as the temperatures begin to rise again a common dangerous occurrence is snowmelt flooding. As the snow melts, the ground is too saturated to absorb any more and it begins to run back to the streams, rivers, and lakes. However, the excess water causes flooding. Protect your property and job sites now by investing in an inflatable bladder dam.

Preparing for Winter

Whether your personal property or construction job sites, it’s important to take measures to prepare for the winter weather. Use this guide to this year’s winter weather predictions to get started. Be safe and keep warm.

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