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Best Alternatives to Sandbags for Flooding

Having a reliable way to prevent water damage is crucial for any property owner. You may find it difficult to choose a reliable flood protector amidst the different options currently on the market. While sandbags have been used for many years, the effectiveness of preventing flooding has caused owners to look elsewhere. Find the top alternatives to sandbags for guarding against flooding in your area.

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Sandbags are a tried-and-true method of flood protection and are still the first choice for many people in flood-prone areas. However, are they really worth it? Why stick with sandbags when there are far more effective and environmentally friendly options on the market?

Disadvantages of Sandbags

By their very nature, sandbags can’t form a completely impenetrable wall. A few gaps may still be present, allowing some floodwater to seep through. But the real problem with sandbags is what to do with them after the flood waters recede. Floodwater often contains hazardous materials such as oil, sewage, and other dangerous substances that come in contact with sandbags, contaminating them. Strict regulations govern exactly how and where you can dispose of used sandbags. This method of flood protection might end up costing you more in cleanup alone than switching to a more viable alternative.

Pro Tip: Used sandbags must be handled as hazardous waste, making more work for you and potentially harming the surrounding environment. Try a reusable method of flood protection instead.

Inflatable Water Dams

With a flood on the way, no one has the time to build a concrete or steel wall for protection. That’s why a quickly inflatable option like the Aqua-Barrier provides a viable solution. The Aqua-Barrier can be fully deployed and inflated in less than three hours, making it a fast solution to keep floodwaters away from your property.

Metal Flood Barriers

Less severe floods may not require measures as drastic as the Aqua-Barrier, but your business still needs protection. Why not set up easily installed metal dams over your doors? The EZDam blocks 3-4 feet of floodwater and fits snugly over a standard-sized doorway. The watertight seal keeps the flood outside of your business. Once the rain stops, simply move the dams out of the way to open the doors again!

Protecting Against Flood Damage

Now that hurricane season has kicked into high gear, the threat of flash floods is ever increasing. Don’t hesitate to invest in a flood protection solution for your property. Being prepared ahead of time is one of the best ways to minimize damage to your assets and keep your buildings safe.

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