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How to Prepare for a Flood (Beyond Flood Insurance)

Natural Disasters cause extreme damage to property and land all over the world. Most of these disasters strike with no prior warning while others take hours or days to formulate. One of the most overwhelming forms of natural disasters is flooding.

Many parts of the United States have been put under flash flood warning due to the current unpredictable storms, as we’ve seen with Houston this week. Flooding caused by snow melt is expected in the north as spring snow begins to melt releasing a lot of water which is threatening to your home or business.

Whether you live in a flood-prone area or not, it’s important that you should always be prepared. While flood insurance can offer some relief by covering damages to property, there are many things that just cannot be replaced. And for the items that can let’s face it – dealing with the hassle is not anyone’s favorite thing to do!

Here are 5 Ways to Prepare for Flooding … beyond Flood Insurance:

Invest in a battery-powered sump pump

Using a Sump pump enables you to pump water out of your home in case of a flood. This tool can be an excellent defense mechanism against flooding. Choosing a battery powered sump pump is recommended in case your power goes out.

Move Expensive/Treasured Items to a Higher Location

If you have an attic or a second floor, move your photographs, furniture, and artwork to higher levels to protect them from the most severe floods. Elevate water pumps and furnaces when they are installed, if doable, to a height of 12” above the highest known flood level for your area.

Invest in a Flood Barrier

The Water Inflated Property Protector (WIPP®) is an ultimate inflatable flood barrier that can be used for both commercial and residential areas. Using WIPP® to protect your business or home will aid in preventing invasive water from destroying your property. Install the flood barrier around your home or commercial property in anticipation of a natural disaster. When the inclement weather has passed, and the water has receded, simply deflate the WIPP® and store away until it’s needed again.

Clear Gutters and Drains

Keep your drainage systems and gutters clear to carry water away from your home. Check storm drains on your street since debris and leaves can block them causing water to collect around your home.

Spring for Extra Roof Protection

When the time comes to replace your roof, spend a few dollars more to fit a rubber roof underlayment which acts as a waterproof barrier that goes beneath the shingles and protects the roof from water incursion.

Floods are disastrous events that can leave you homeless or with extreme property destruction. At Hydrological Solutions, we know the challenges that flooding can present and want to help you protect your property from rising waters in your area. Contact us to learn more about how to prepare for a flood.

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