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Flood Protection: Choose Preventative and Restorative Methods

The best form of flood protection will include both preventative and restorative measures. Inland flooding is one of the biggest causes of property damage and/or loss and threatens the lives of millions of people at a time. Even if you are not directly affected by flooding, the looming threat can cause lingering anxiety for anyone.

Texas can attest to this after Hurricane Harvey hovered over the great state for days engulfing areas that had never flooded before with its savage waters. Harvey alone has caused billions of dollars in accumulative damage over multiple counties in Texas. Whether in Texas or other areas prone to flooding, you need a reliable and effective method to protect your business, homes and work sites from natural disasters where flooding is a threat.

Flood Protection vs. Flood Restoration

As Hurricane Irma threatens Florida and other states along the East Coast, those affected by Harvey will continue to face months, even years, of restoration. Many businesses in flooded areas are scrambling to repair and reopen and for many, it’s not the first time. Much to the dismay of loyal customers and patrons, some businesses in heavily affected areas have decided to close their doors for good.

While flood insurance will help many of these businesses get back on their feet, nobody should have to face this scenario again. Especially if it can be prevented. That’s why many business owners are turning to flood protection as an added measure to help keep their property safe.

Inflatable bladder dams like Hydrological Solutions’ Water-Inflated Property Protector (WIPP®) keep flooding waters from enveloping businesses and other structures.

The WIPP® is the most popular method of flood protection and here are several reasons why:

  1. It’s easy to deploy and easy to remove.
  2. Foreign materials are not needed – the WIPP® is filled with water – a powerful force against itself.
  3. The WIPP®, like all of Hydrological Solutions products, is environmentally friendly and reusable.
  4. It can be used for both residential and commercial properties.
  5. The WIPP® effectively reduces your risk for flood damage and minimizes any actual damage that may occur, maximizing flood protection for your property.

The Time to Act is Now

Many homeowners and businesses are finding peace of mind in the WIPP® for flood protection. However, it’s important to not wait until the storm hits to prepare. If you are in an area where flooding is likely to occur this hurricane season or any other time throughout the year, you’ll want to go ahead and secure flood protection now. Contact Us us to learn more about how the WIPP® can help you protect your home or business today.

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