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The Various Types of Flood Barriers

Extreme weather is impacting millions of people worldwide. Whether you live below sea level or near large bodies of water, flooding can pose a real threat. With hurricane season right around the corner, you want to ensure that your commercial business or construction site is protected from unpredictable rising flood water. Many people don’t realize that they need flood protection until it’s too late.

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Which Flood Barriers are the Most Effective?

Considering that the human population thrives near lakes, rivers, and oceans, flood control has been an ongoing mission throughout the years. While many people have been building flood walls and water barriers throughout the centuries to protect themselves and their valuables from rising water levels, the technologies have advanced to provide better flood protection alternatives. Here are four types of flood barriers, some of which are reliable and effective while others should be left in the past:

  1. Traditional Cofferdams
  2. Sandbags
  3. Inflatable Bladder Dams
  4. Metal Flood Barriers

1) Traditional Cofferdams

Cofferdams have been the go-to flood prevention method for countless years. Traditional cofferdams utilize sheet metal, wood, cement, or filler materials to create a temporary flood barrier against the powerful force of water. They’re frequently used around boat ramps, piers, and bridges to keep construction sites dry. While they are an effective solution, they require extensive labor and supplies to install and dismantle. This can lead to more downtime and a loss of productivity.

2) Sandbags

A number of people are still relying on sandbags as a flood protection option. The problem with sandbags is that it takes thousands of sandbags to create a flood barrier, and even then the method is far from perfect. Water still leaks through the cracks. Furthermore, the process of laying and filling sandbags is very time extensive and requires manual labor. When time is of the essence, you need a better flood protection solution.

3) Inflatable Bladder Dams

Have you heard of inflatable bladder dams? They are an innovative solution for flood control and dewatering. They inflate with the very water that you need to remove. Installation is quick and easy and requires very little equipment and manual labor. Since installation is fast, you’ll be saving valuable time and money.

Pro Tip: Since inflatable cofferdams are reusable, they’re an eco-friendly flood protection solution.

4) Metal Flood Barriers

Another effective solution to flooding is metal flood barriers. From Bottom Hinge Flood Barriers to HydroDefense Flood Plank Wall Systems, they offer superior protection for your commercial building. An advantage of metal flood barriers is that some come in adjustable heights so that you can eliminate the flood risk of high water. If you’re looking for reliable flood barriers specifically for doors, consider the advantages of metal flood barriers.

Finding the Best Type of Flood Barrier for your Needs

Sandbags and traditional cofferdams have been relied on for flood protection throughout the decades. However, this doesn’t mean that they are the most effective solution. Instead, consider inflatable bladder dams and metal flood barriers as state-of-the-art solutions. Consider the cofferdam cost calculator to find the best deal on flood protection!

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