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Happy New Year from Aqua-Barrier

2018 has zipped along in the blink of an eye! This is the time of the year we pause and reflect, analyze the year behind us and look ahead with great anticipation for the year to come. We consider what went well and look for opportunities for growth. [bctt tweet=”Now that 2018 is behind us, here’s a look at the year with Aqua-Barrier Inflatable Water Dams.” username=”HSIServicesInc”]

HSI Services- Your AQUA-BARRIER Provider!

Remember, HSI Services are the AQUA-BARRIER people. With over 20 years of experience behind us, we offer flood mitigation expertise for construction, water storage, and flood control. More than just AQUA-BARRIER providers, we are excited to provide you with our streamlined services and new products.

5 Key Advantages to Using Water Inflated Dams

Improved Products and Accessories

We have made our Aqua-Barrier Cofferdams even better with key enhancements and upgrades. Our temporary cofferdams now feature a stronger, heavier fabric. We have also instituted superior quality assurance equipment, and improved our repair process, as well. You can also now find accessory features with us such as floatable fittings, reflective safety strips, and patented lifting loops.

The Flood Recovery Guide for Businesses

Aqua-Barrier: Always Ready to Serve

At Aqua-Barrier, our goal is to continually improve our quality and increase the value we bring you. We strive for innovation, finding effective and cost-efficient ways to solve problems. We are excited to continue giving you the best products and services in water management and making your job easier, faster, and better.

The Importance of Dewatering Precautions to Ensure a Safe Work Site

Looking Forward to 2019

We take great pride in providing the best solution for dewatering and flood mitigation. We thank each one of you for your continued partnership and trust. At Aqua-Barrier, we are excited to continue giving you the best products and services in the industry in 2019. Here’s to a festive New Year’s Eve and all the very best in 2019. Happy New Year!

Please give us a call at 936-372-1222 or toll-free at 800-245-0199 to get started.

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