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4 Resources for Hurricane Information

2020’s hurricane season isn’t over until November 30. And for Houstonians, hurricanes and their fallouts are all too familiar. Staying up to date on local developments and news can save lives. Where can you go for reliable information during hurricane season?

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Where to Find Information

Anything from local news networks to neighborhood social media pages can keep you updated on any potential problems from severe weather. During a natural disaster, keep these resources in mind:

  1. National Weather Service forecast
  2. Local news sources
  4. American Red Cross hurricane app

1) National Weather Service Forecast

This one should be a no-brainer. The National Weather Service forecast provides you with live information and warnings on local conditions. Keep an eye on this page to monitor the storm.

Pro Tip: A hurricane watch means that conditions may be right to form a hurricane. A hurricane warning means that hurricane conditions are highly expected in a given area. A warning means you should evacuate the area as soon as possible.

2) Local News Sources

National news services may be able to tell you how the storm is moving, but your local news is more equipped to show what’s actually happening nearby. Local TV stations or even your neighborhood social media groups are excellent ways to stay on top of developments close to your home. Consider contributing your own updates if you can–the more information is made available, the better equipped your community will be to handle the hurricane.

3) maintains an up-to-date map of road conditions, construction, and closures across Texas. Use this website to plan your evacuation route and avoid closed or flooded roads.

4) American Red Cross Hurricane App

The American Red Cross has developed safety apps for every situation from tornadoes to earthquakes to emergency pet care. But when a hurricane is forming in the ocean, you should definitely use their hurricane app. This app allows you to track the hurricane, monitor local conditions, and let loved ones know you’re safe if all other communications are down. If you don’t have easy access to the National Weather Service or local forecasts, this app is an excellent backup plan.

Stay Informed & Stay Safe

Hurricanes can turn a perfectly safe neighborhood into a flooded disaster zone in an alarmingly short time. Don’t get caught unaware! Take full advantage of these hurricane information resources to keep yourself and your loved ones safe this hurricane season.

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