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5 Types of Hurricane Categories

There are five hurricane categories, which will most likely produce some damage when they find you unprepared. Major hurricanes usually occur along the coastal regions and can range from severe thunderstorms to highly devastating disasters. The extent of potential damages tends to influence the category of hurricanes.

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What are the different types of hurricane categories?

Hurricanes get measured on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale that runs from Category 1 to Category 5. The scale measures the storms’ wind speeds to tell the potential damage of a developing hurricane.

Although the scale doesn’t explain other conditions that may accompany hurricanes, it gives insights into the hurricanes’ potential threats. Here are the five categories of hurricanes to learn about in this guide.

  1. Category 1
  2. Category 2
  3. Category 3
  4. Category 4
  5. Category 5

1) Category 1

A hurricane in Category 1 has a wind speed that ranges from 74-95 miles per hour and can cause minor damages due to strong winds and potential flooding. Falling debris can strike people, pets, and livestock and even destroy older homes. Category 1 hurricanes can knock out the local power supply, which can be unavailable for several days.

2) Category 2

At Category 2, wind speeds range from 96 to 110 miles per hour. The risk of injuries and destruction of property is usually bigger in this category than in Category 1. The hurricane will most likely cause some damages to homes and commercial properties. Low-lying places will likely flood, while power outages can also occur for a few days.

3) Category 3

Things usually start to get serious in Category 3, which involves wind speeds that range from 111 to 129 miles per hour. Hurricanes in this category can destroy small and weak structures. Affected individuals may go without water and electricity for many weeks due to power outages. The storm can even uproot big trees and pile them on the roads.

4) Category 4

Category 4 hurricanes have wind speeds that range from 131-150 miles per hour. Such winds can result in flying objects, which pose significant risks of injury and death to pets, people, and livestock. The wind may destroy mobile homes and cause frame homes to collapse. A total power loss can occur and last for weeks after the storm.

5) Category 5

Hurricanes that fall within this category are the most dangerous as wind speeds can go past 155 miles per hour. The winds can destroy your house or commercial building, followed by massive flooding. The flying debris puts the lives of people, pets, and livestock at risk. Most mobile homes will get damaged, and trees will be snapped.

Types of Hurricane Categories to Know

Now that you know the different hurricane categories and their impacts, you need to prepare whenever there’s an impending storm. When the tropical cyclones strike hard, devastating damage will occur and can make a place uninhabitable for weeks or months. Homes will be destroyed, and electricity and water will be unavailable.

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