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Getting Your Construction Site Ready for a Hurricane

Since strong hurricane winds can cause significant destruction in a construction site, hurricane preparedness is essential. When the storm hits hard, it can blow away building materials, flood the construction site, and weaken buildings under construction.

As a construction manager, it’s essential to prioritize the safety of all workers on the site. You need to protect them from the devastating impacts of hurricanes by preparing in advance. Let’s look at the best hurricane preparedness strategies to help.

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Developing a Plan Before the Storm Hits

As the peak of hurricane season approaches, you need to create a hurricane plan to guide you. It should highlight all the guidelines to follow before, during, and after the storm. You can appoint someone to oversee and implement the plan appropriately.

Stay Alert

You need to keep an eye and ear on the weather. The best way to achieve that is by appointing a team to monitor the weather 24 hours closely. Also, frequently visit weather websites to check for weather alerts that require an immediate response.

Locking Down the Worksite

As the storm approaches the construction area, you need to lock down the construction site to keep everyone safe. Secure structures and equipment and evacuate all the workers from the site. Here’s a more detailed look at both of these steps:

Securing Structures and Equipment

  • Cover delicate materials with plastic sheets to avoid water damage
  • Weigh down all light materials using sandbags and ground anchors
  • Tie up loose materials together using a rope to prevent dispersing
  • Remove tools and equipment that can get damaged with water
  • Place sandbags around the perimeter of the structure to reinforce it
  • Install Aqua-Barrier cofferdams around structures to keep away flood water

Evacuating Workers from the Site

  • Develop an evacuation plan from the site
  • Stay tuned to radios, social media, and televisions for weather alerts
  • Evacuate as soon as the local authorities give a word

After the Storm

The storm is over, and the local authorities have given you the green light to return to the construction site. So, what are the things to do after the hurricane storm?

  • Assess all the damages on the construction site
  • Clean up all the materials and debris scattered on the site by floodwater
  • Pump out the flood water in the construction site
  • Engage your recovery team to oversee the re-entry process

Pro Tip: Beware of sharp objects in the floodwaters as you return to the construction site! Stay out of the water and stay away until it’s safe to go back.

Riding Out the Hurricane

Construction site hurricane preparedness is of crucial relevance before a hurricane or tropical storm makes landfall. The best way to avoid the destructive impacts of hurricanes is by completing construction projects on time. If the hurricane storm comes before you finish the project, create emergency plans to protect workers and property.

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