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Hurricane Harvey: How You Can Help

Photo Credit: ABCNews

We encourage each of you to consider helping Hurricane Harvey victims. Below are just a few ways to help along with prayers for the families, rescue teams, and relief workers:

8 Ways to Help Those Affected by Hurricane Harvey

American Red Cross – The organization has shelters open, and is shipping truckloads of supplies for distribution;

Salvation Army – The Salvation Army is deploying 42 mobile kitchens – each of which can serve an average of 1,500 meals per day – to staging areas in Dallas and San Antonio. They’ll also distribute supplies of water, cleanup kits, food, and shelter supplies;

United Way – United Way of Greater Houston has established a Flood Relief Fund. Donations will be used to help with both immediate, basic needs and long-term recovery services such as case management and minor home repairs;

Houston Food Bank – Donations to the Houston Food Bank provide meals in emergencies and throughout the year.

San Antonio Food Bank – The San Antonio Food Bank is collecting monetary donations, along with nonperishable goods and supplies like water, baby food, diapers, flashlights, and new batteries;

Feeding Texas and local food banks – Feeding Texas is coordinating with partner agencies to provide donation coordination and distribution of food to the public;

Houston SPCA and SPCA of Texas – These organizations conduct rescues of pets and farm animals, and provide equipment and shelter in emergencies; and

Humane Society of Louisiana – The Humane Society of Louisiana rescues animals from shelters in the hurricane’s path or at risk of flooding.

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