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Your Guide to the Hydro Anchor™

How many times have you needed to put up a tent for shade and protection but were unable to due to being on the pavement? There are times when tent stakes just don’t work or aren’t convenient. Water barrels and cement cans can be an eyesore and difficult to lug around. Hydro Anchor™ is the ideal way to improve the appearance of your tent site and are easy to transport and require minimal storage between use.

Environmentally Friendly Solutions: The Hydro Anchor™

The Hydro Anchor™ is an environmentally friendly solution to setting up tents in areas that stakes just won’t work. The Hydro Anchor™ is a refillable, water inflated stabilization system, sure to make putting up your tent simple and quick. They’re very inconspicuous and won’t take away from an elegant outdoor event.

Quick Setup

Setting up your tent with the Hydro Anchor Stabilization System™ is easy! Simply place the Hydro Anchor™ where you want it, and use any available water source to inflate them. Each Hydro Anchor™ is fitted with a ¾ inch fill port which fits perfectly to any standard garden hose. Larger ports are available if needed. No bulky, hard to haul sandbags. Just position and fill.

Safely Anchor

After you fill your Hydro Anchors™, you will anchor your tent. Insert one end of the rope through the cleat attachment, connecting to the other end of the tent. That’s it! You truly let the water do the work.

Easy to Remove

The Hydro Anchor™ is equally easy to remove! When you are ready to put everything away, simply drain the Hydro Anchors™, then fold them and store them for later use. The quick removal process cuts down significantly.

The Hydro Anchor™

The Hydro Anchor™ is the perfect answer to tent stabilization. With its quick and easy setup and removal, you are sure to save time and be rid of frustrations! There are two standard sizes, materials, and various colors to choose from. Have a bigger job? We have a variety of water inflated products that can help get the job done! We have larger sizes of Hydro Anchor™ that are designed for use as ballast weights, as well as some that can be used for load testing at work sites. These temporary water-inflated anchors put water to work for you.
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