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When Spills Happen, Containment is Key

When Spills Happen, Containment is KeyWhen harmful substances like oil, chemicals, or other contaminants end up where they are not supposed to be due to spills, it can mean disaster, especially if it happens in or near a water source. Thankfully, Hydrological Solutions can help.

Our Spil-Stop water-inflated spill barrier can contain the spill until the contaminants can be properly disposed of. It comes equipped with a patented internal baffle system that helps to keep it in place, and has joints that are watertight and overlap for maximum security from leaks. The units can be joined end to end in a straight line or at any angle and come in standard or customized lengths to suit any situation.

The Spil-Stop barriers can be used for oil or chemical spills at a plant, spills that occur from truck wrecks involving tanker trucks carrying oil or other chemicals, and can even be used to block contaminated water from a stream or water source from spreading or entering a shared water supply. Spil-Stop barriers can contain just about any surface spill, as long as the liquid being contained is no higher than three-quarters of the way up the side of the barrier and the surface on which the spill occurred is not porous where the liquid can seep across under the surface.

The Spil-Stop is quick to deploy, which is essential when trying to contain potentially harmful substances. It is also easy to drain, roll, and store when the contaminants have been removed and is no longer needed. It is also reusable, so it is environmentally friendly as well.

This product can be a very useful tool for oil and chemical plants, emergency response teams, and those that handle hazardous materials (Hazmat teams).

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