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Hydrological Solutions Celebrates 20 Years in Business – October 2016

Hydrological Solutions Celebrates 20 Years This month, Hydrological Solutions, Inc. is celebrating 20 years of business success and we want to thank you for helping us make it happen.

The company first opened its doors in October 1996 when owner Darren Miller invented the patented baffle system (US Patent Number 5865564) used in the design of our water-inflated barriers. Darren started the business in his own home after designing the concept. Several years were spent in the development of the product as Darren worked closely with an engineer to provide a safe and effective way to control water. The barriers became popular throughout the United States as well as internationally for dewatering and flood control in the construction industry.

Springboard to Our Success

water filled cofferdam Most of Hydrological Solution’s success can be accredited to providing water-inflated cofferdams to the pipeline and construction industry. Our temporary cofferdam, the Aqua-Barrier®, has been a go-to solution for construction sites that are in need of dry land to complete their project. The Aqua-Barrier® cofferdam offers a unique physical barrier against invasive waters, helping to dewater and withstand major water pressure throughout pipeline construction projects, shoreline restoration, and many others.

A Well-Represented Company of Growth and Innovation

Prepare for Hurricanes with a Flood Barrier With the growth of the company over the years, we have expanded our product line to include tools for flood protection, above ground water storage, spill containment, and water-filled anchors. Next to the water-inflated cofferdam, our WIPP® system (Water Inflated Property Protector) is one of our most popular products. Used for flood protection, the WIPP® has helped many residential and commercial areas avoid water damage to their properties.

We currently have 8 distributors representing over 50 countries around the world. However, rest assured that all barriers are still continuously created in our Texas plant where the Owner and President can oversee quality control.

This year, we were awarded a new patent (US Patent Number 9353496) for our unique lifting loop accessory. The patent focuses on the method of installing a fluid fillable barrier into flowing water, solving foregoing problems and achieving a technological advancement.

Darren Miller, President, Hydrological Solutions A Note from Darren

With 20 years and 2 patents under our belt, we look forward to future opportunities and company growth. I am thankful to the many employees, distributors, and of course, those in the construction industry who have helped to bring about the success of Hydrological Solutions. Our passion for providing our clients with the highest quality products and services has given us the opportunity to work with amazing and dedicated clients.


Darren Miller, President, Hydrological Solutions

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