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El Nino and It’s Effects on Texas Weather

You may remember the name El Nino from the unprecedented destruction that followed the waves of storms in 1997. Here in 2015, scientists are beginning to see patterns that indicate an even stronger El Nino than what we experienced 18 years ago.


What is El Nino?


El Nino is a pattern of weather that, “occurs when sea-surface temperatures are above normal off the Pacific coast of South America, bringing wetter weather to the southern U.S. A strong El Niño could also be a boon to drought-stricken California. The current El Niño is among the strongest on record.” Star-Telegram


What are the Effects of El Nino on Texas Weather?


According to Texas Storm Chasers: “Because of our close proximity to the Gulf of Mexico south winds usually bring warmer air in quickly. It takes the right amount of moisture, a cold airmass, and upper level energy at the perfect point to produce a winter storm.”


In Spring of this year we saw major flooding and rain throughout Texas due to the early onset of the weather patterns of El Nino, and it is forecasted that we might be seeing it again in the later months of the year.



Texas weather may not be seeing too many cold days however, National Weather Service meteorologist Dan Huckaby mentions, “extreme cold outbreaks are actually less likely during El Niño winters, which typically have fewer days with freezing temperatures than normal.”


These early warnings allow us to prepare in time to protect our properties. Millions of dollars in damage and hundreds of deaths can be prevented with adequate precautionary measures.


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