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Hydrological Solutions Success Story: Tri-State Utilities Aqua Barrier Project

Hydrological Solutions was proud to service Tri State Utilities with our Aqua Barrier Cofferdam. Tri State Utilities is located in Virginia. They specialize in commercial trench-less pipe repairs and storm drain cleaning. Since 1996, Hydrological Solutions has been providing companies the cofferdams they need to keep emergency storm protection systems in order. Our aqua barriers proved to be an important asset in the dewatering of Tri State Utilities work site.

This project specified the need to provide an aqua barrier for water that was six feet in depth. We provided Tri State Utilities with two Aqua-Barriers that inflated to eight feet in height and fifty feet in length. Steven A. McSweeney, President of Tri State Utilities, said he was very pleased with Hydrological Solutions. “Service was flawless and the product worked perfectly,” said McSweeney. The two Aqua-Barriers blocked the water in a stream into which the storm drain fed. By creating a clear, dry work site, the coffer dam allowed Tri State Utilities to repair the storm drains in a timely, safe manner.

Based out of Texas, Hydrological Solutions consistently services the entire country and beyond. The Aqua-Barrier’s innovated internal baffle design continues to be the gold standard in the construction industry for water inflated dams.

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