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New Project to Reduce Flooding in Houston


HCFCD Houston has seen its fair share of flooding in 2015. When the floods occurred earlier this year, they highlighted areas and measures that need to be addressed to prevent damage from future disasters. The Harris County Flood Control District has taken a step in the right direction with the Greens Bayou Flood Risk Management Project.


What is the Greens Bayou Flood Risk Management Project?

The project is geared to reduce the risk of flooding in neighborhoods and communities by constructing a detention basin and storm water drainage improvements through various channels along Greens Bayou . The 3.5 mile stretch between Cutton and Memorial Drive will be the focused location in which the project will take place.


Project Logistics

The project is designed, managed and built by the The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Galveston District and will take place in three phases with the first phase beginning in 2015. According to the HCFCD, once construction is complete, “Trees and grasses will be planted in and around the basin, with wetland plants placed in low areas as part of the landscaping. These features will create wildlife, water quality and recreation opportunity benefits.” The cost of the entire project is $55 million, 75% from federal funding and 25% from local.


Combining green spaces that co-exist with the geographic location and provides vital dewatering functionality is a great way to continue to build strong infrastructure that can support a growing community.

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