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Severe Storms and Flooding

Several major storm systems have moved through the central part of North America, with Texas and Oklahoma being the most severely affected. Tornadoes and flooding have caused major damage, especially in Texas, where the death toll is now over 20. And it’s not over yet; another round of storms is expected to hit over the weekend in these areas. Hundreds have already been evacuated, and more may have to be evacuated as well in this next round.

This is where we at Hydrological Solutions can help. We have flooding and dewatering solutions to help keep damaging water at bay. Our Aqua-Barrier® is a water-inflated cofferdam with a patented internal baffle system that can keep water at bay around water-sensitive work areas. It is designed to be portable and is made from materials that make it easy to be reused, stored in small spaces, or repaired if necessary.

We also have a product designed specifically for flood protection for residential or commercial areas: our Water Inflated Property Protector, or WIPP® system. It is a better solution than sandbags because it is reusable, environmentally friendly, and does not require Hazmat procedures for disposal. And, like the Aqua-Barrier®, it is also water-inflated and designed for easy transportation, storage and repair.

Don’t let your property or work space be invaded with water, which can be quite destructive and cause costly damage. Protect your property with our flooding and dewatering solutions. For more information about our products and services, contact Hydrological Solutions today!

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