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Stay Safe: Hurricane Safety Tips

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Hurricanes can mean flooding, evacuations, and damage to your home and property. Loss of electricity is one of the most common results of a hurricane, in addition to flooding, and depending on how extensive the flooding is, this could mean spoiling food, contaminated food, and other hazards. Here are some of the most important flood control and hurricane safety tips you need to follow in the event of this natural disaster:


Stash a thermometer in your fridge and freezer. Before losing power, put a thermometer in your fridge and freezer, so you can consistently check the temperature and make sure it is at a safe level before eating anything out of either section.


Make your own freeze packs. Freezing quart bags full of water is a great way to make your own freeze packs that can help to keep your fridge and freezer cold, even if the power does shut off.


Keep the doors closed. Open your fridge and freezer as little as possible. Only crack open the door when you know what you are retrieving, and then close the door as quickly as you can.


Get to higher ground. This is one of the most common tips you will hear, probably because it is the most important. If your area is flooding, get to higher ground. If you are in your home, get away from the flood water. Flood water is notoriously contaminated, so grab your supplies and head upstairs or into the attic. If the water continues to rise, head to the roof and signal for help.


Stay out of the water. With a hurricane and flooding comes damage to your property and, most importantly, to the electricity grid. Because water conducts electricity, it can be dangerous to even wade in the water if you think the electricity might still be on. Report any downed power lines and stay far away from them.


Close shutters and stay away from windows. The strong winds and flying debris that come with a hurricane can lead to shattered windows. You don’t want to be harmed by flying glass.
Before, during, and after a hurricane comes ashore, listen to your radio to make sure you have the most updated information and use these hurricane safety tips to protect yourself and your property.

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