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Hydrological Solutions Success Story: Aqua Barrier for Minnesota Limited, LLC Pipeline Repair

Hydrological Solutions is proud to highlight a successful partnership with Minnesota Limited, LLC Pipeline and Station Contractors.

Since 1966, Minnesota Limited has provided safe, cost-effective and environmentally sensitive solutions to the Oil and Gas Industry specializing in pipeline construction, maintenance and renovation for natural gas products and crude oil pipelines.

We were excited to provide Aqua-Barrier Cofferdams to create a dry work area for their pipeline repair project. We supplied them with inflatable dams for the varying water levels and provided step-by-step installation instructions along with an equipment checklist. As you can see from the photos on the right, construction continued alongside the dams without any interruption.

With the cofferdams in place, the construction crew was able to commence operation and complete the project according to their estimated time table.

Our continued goal is to provide the safest, most effective, temporary water dam on the market. Our unique patented internal baffle helps stabilize our system, ensuring the safety and performance of our cofferdams.

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