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7 Winter Preparedness Tips for Your Business

Whether you work at a construction site or high-rise office building, the winter season brings a myriad of potential issues. No matter what the weather elements are, your business should be prepared to withstand any kind of emergency during the winter months. This season, don’t neglect to make winter preparedness a priority for the safety of you and all of your employees.

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7 Winter Preparedness Tips for Your Business, HSI Services, Waller, TX

Getting Your Business Ready for Cold Weather

As the weather forecasts start to predict cooler temperatures, the chance of snow and ice storms are increasing. Between the safety of your employees and the condition of your work environment, it’s important to know how to prepare for winter weather. Pay attention to these 7 winter preparedness tips for your business this season.

  1. Sign up for weather alerts
  2. Learn the severity of weather conditions
  3. Backup computers and secure important documents
  4. Create an emergency supply kit
  5. Perform regular exterior maintenance
  6. Make a communication plan for family members
  7. Consider temporarily shutting down

1) Sign up for weather alerts

It’s important to confirm that your cell phone is charged and able to receive weather alerts. In the event of a power outage or internet crash, your cell phone will likely be your main source of information. Whether it’s a weather app or email notification, pay attention to incoming weather, especially in the winter.

2) Learn the severity of weather conditions

If there’s a chance of severe weather near your workplace, it’s important to understand what the weather forecasts are predicting. In the case of a weather watch, the conditions are favorable and should be monitored. In comparison, a tornado severe thunderstorm, or ice storm warning indicates that a storm has already developed and is headed your way. In the winter, the severity of any thunderstorm is heightened due to freezing temperatures, hailstorms, and strong winds.

3) Backup computers and secure important documents

As you begin to prepare your business for the winter, don’t forget about your important data! In the case of a system crash, your files should be backed up on a separate hard drive. In the same way, your paper documents should be kept in a waterproof safe to guard against water leaks.

4) Create an emergency supply kit

An emergency supply kit should always be readily available to your employees. Don’t forget to include first aid equipment and an outside power generator to your supplies, especially for cooler temperatures. As a business owner, you should make sure your emergency kit includes a backup heating element for your employees. Body heat might keep everyone warm temporarily but it’s important to watch for against signs of frostbite in the winter, especially during a severe storm.

Pro Tip: Your emergency kit should also include a water barrier and shelter for your employees. Unfortunately, flooding and freezing temperatures could be a potentially deadly combination.

5) Perform regular exterior maintenance

No matter what the season, there should be a standard maintenance plan for the outside of your business. From caulking and weather-stripping your roof to protect your water pipes from freezing, it’s important to stay ahead of the freezing temperatures. If flooding or snowfall is predicted, we recommend installing a metal flood barrier for your doorway.

6) Make a communication plan for family members

Whether it’s an emergency situation or severe storm threat, your organization should have a communication plan prepared. If a family member is unable to make contact with one of your team members, consider sending text alerts or social media posts to keep them informed.

7) Consider temporarily shutting down

At the end of the day, your employees are your priority. If severe winter weather is predicted, let your team have the day off until conditions improve. In a matter of minutes, the weather could change and threaten their ability to drive home. Be sure to pay attention to weather forecasts and make changes to your work schedule if necessary.

Keeping Your Worksite Safe

The importance of getting your business or construction site prepared for extreme weather, especially in the winter, can’t be stressed enough. If you’re the owner or manager of your business, it’s your responsibility to make sure that your office or worksite is safe for your employees. If a winter storm were to unexpectedly head your way, will your business be ready?

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