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Need to Know Where it Floods in Houston?

Overview of the Harris County Flood Plane Tool

Floods are a very commonly occuring natural disaster in the country. Whether these floods are local, affecting only a community or a County, or large scale involving two or more states, people living in an area are well advised to be fully aware of the hazards of these floods. The Harris County Flood Plane Tool was originally designed to help as a mapping tool to aid in the Hurricane Allison Recovery Project in 2001. Hurricane Allison was a strong tropical storm to hit Harris County in 2001. However, this mapping tool later became an effective means to provide information about floodplains in Harris County relative to houses, commercial buildings, and other structures in the area. Harris County Flood Plane Tool is not only important for home buyers but also for administration to know the risk of flooding in a particular place in the county.

How to use the Harris County Flood Plane tool

The Harris County Flood Plane Tool can be used to locate a point on the map and know the risk of flooding at that place. Houston is a city almost at the centre of Harris County. If you are planning to buy a house in Houston, it is advisable to use Harris County flood plane tool to know the risk of flooding in the area before making a decision to buy the property. Also, if you live in Houston, this tool can be very important for you in arriving at the right flood insurance plan from the insurance company. The Harris County flood plane tool comes handy for the planners also as they know the risk of Houston flooding very well to make their construction plans accordingly.

Benefits of Harris County Flood Plane Tool

Harris County Flood Plane tool has been used extensively over the years not just by people living in Harris County but also by city planners, developers, and builders. It has helped the authorities a great deal by assessing the risk of flooding in particular areas of the county when moving ahead with planning and execution of developmental plans. This tool is taken into consideration by banks and other lenders before giving approval to mortgage loans in Harris County and nearby areas. Insurance companies arrive at a premium for insurance against flooding for a home in Houston based upon their assessment for Houston Flooding in a particular area using this flood plane tool.

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