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Who Should Prepare Now for Snowmelt Season?

If you are a football fan, it’s likely you’ve seen the snow coming down in sheets as you watch your favorite team battle it out on the turf of their northern rival on tv. Or maybe you’ve vacationed up north recently. You have a jolly good time playing in the snow and then reluctantly leave lovely snow angels behind, returning home to the gloom of a cold rainy day. It’s easy to wish that it would snow in your state more or that more snow would fall when it finally does get cold enough to freeze. But snow is not all fun and games – these snowstorms can be quite messy – especially during snowmelt season.

Snowmelt season is exactly what it sounds like – the period of time when snow begins to melt. And the water has to go somewhere! Often this leads to flooding in our streets, homes, and places of business. Just like with inland flooding, melting snow can be a disaster, causing major damage to your property.

So Who Should Prepare for Snowmelt Season?

  1. People who own a home.
  2. People who own or operate a business.
  3. People who own a vehicle.

Residential Property Owners

If you are a homeowner in an area where snow is common, you’ll want to protect your investment as well as the cherished memories you have within the walls of your home.

Commercial Property Owners

Whether you are the business owner or manager in areas prone to snow, your Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Plan should address the risk of snowmelt flooding to your commercial property.

Vehicle Owners

Finally, if you own a vehicle you will want to be sure that it is safe and protected from the rising waters produced by snowmelt flooding.

When to Prepare for Snowmelt Season

Although snowmelt season doesn’t officially begin until spring, you should definitely prepare for snowmelt flooding in advance. When you think of mitigating your risk for damages due to a flood, the first thing you might think to do is purchase flood insurance. While flood insurance is great to have, it does not prevent your property from becoming flooded from high waters. Insurance simply serves as a way to replace or repair what you’ve lost. If you truly value your property and belongings, you will want a way to prevent the water from causing damage in the first place. That is where the Water Inflated Property Protector (WIPP® System) comes into play. The WIPP® reduces or minimizes the damage actually caused to your property while maximizing protection during floods and works well for both commercial and residential properties. It can even protect your vehicle if you move it into the area inside the barrier.

Learn More

The time to prepare for snowmelt season is now. The coldest parts of the winter months are upon us, followed by the warmer, sunnier months of spring. The water will rise – will you be prepared? Contact us today to learn more about the WIPP® and how it can provide the best protection for your home, business, and vehicles.

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