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Holiday Fire Safety Tips

The holidays are upon us again, a time for food, family, and fun. Unfortunately, it can also be a time for fire. We use more electricity, fire fireworks, put dead trees in our homes, and cook more than any other time of the year. All of these activities increase the chances for a fire in the home.

Protect your home and family this holiday season with the following fire safety tips:

Holiday Fire Safety Tips to Keep Your Family Safe

The extra activity and decorations that accompany the holidays present opportunities for fire that normally aren’t there. For this reason, it’s a good idea to take a little extra precaution.

Be safe in the kitchen as you prepare meals for friends and family. Cooking is a significant cause of holiday fires, mainly due to food left unattended. With everything going on, it’s easy to get distracted. It’s best to never leave the kitchen if you have food that is in the oven or on the stove. If you have to step out for a moment, take an oven mitt or wooden spoon with you to remind you to come back soon. Keep flammable items away from hot surfaces and never use your oven to heat the house. Double check that all heating appliances and surfaces are turned off when you’re finished. Also, make sure you keep a fire extinguisher rated for all types of fires in your kitchen.

Be safe with candles you put out to add ambiance to holiday festivities. Candle fires increase significantly during the holiday months. When you place candles out, keep a space of at least a foot around them. Make sure nothing that will burn is near them. Make sure no flames are left unattended and blow out all candles before going to bed at night. You may consider flameless LED candles for worryless ambiance.

Be safe with your Christmas tree in the house this year. Live Christmas tree fires aren’t very common, but they are dangerous when they occur. Buy a tree that is fresh cut with needles intact and water it every day. Keeping it well-watered will go a long way in protecting it from fire for about 4 weeks. It is important once the holidays are over to discard of your tree quickly for this reason. Also keep it away from sources of heat and high-traffic areas.

Be safe as you decorate for the holidays. Lights, garlands, and extension cords all pose potential fire safety threats. Inspect your light strings for frayed and cracked wires or broken sockets and replace any you find. Do not use more than three strings of lights end to end. Do not leave your lights up year-round, exposed to the elements and animals who may chew on wires. For decorations such as garlands, make sure they are nowhere near sources of heat such as a fireplace or furnace. Make sure your extension cords are in good condition and properly rated for indoor and outdoor use.

Be safe with your kids as they celebrate the holidays. The number of fires and deaths caused by children playing with fire during the holidays increases significantly. It’s easy to leave matches or other lighting devices laying around unattended. Take extra precaution to make sure all such items are put away well out of reach. Kids are curious and unaware of consequences by nature. Keep them, and all of your family, safe by keeping matches and other devices out of their reach.

Celebrate With Food, Family, and Fun

Keep all the fire contained and be safe this year with these holiday fire safety tips. We wish you and your family a happy and safe holiday season.

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