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Cofferdam Installation for your Dewatering Project

The Aqua Barrier® Water Inflated Cofferdam is easy to install and versatile to many different dewatering projects and environments. Whether you work on boat ramps, bridges/dams, pipeline construction or shoreline restoration, this versatility makes the Aqua Barrier® a valuable investment that keeps on giving.

Installing a Temporary Cofferdam

There are three primary types of Aqua Barrier cofferdam installations. The following descriptions of cofferdam installation are simplified and are only meant to give a general overview of the installation process. More detailed installation information must be provided by a trained Hydrological Solutions representative on all Aqua-Barrier installations.

During all Aqua-Barrier installations, the barriers can tractor or rotate toward the side which possesses less hydrostatic pressure or water depth. The maximum length of movement toward the side of least water resistance is 1/2 of the properly inflated barrier height (i.e.,6 ft high barrier can adjust as much as 3 ft).The same adjustment behavior can occur if a slope or grade exists from one side of a barrier to the other. Barriers which are not inflated to their proper height can tractor toward the dewatered area more than 1/2 of the recommended inflated height. (See Baffle Behavior page 5)

3 Types of Cofferdam Installation

Dry surface installation

The location where the barriers are to be installed has no water present. The barriers are simply unrolled and in inflated. This style of installation is generally used in anticipation of flood waters. Static water installation: Non-moving water is present at

Static water installation

Non-moving water is present at cofferdam installation location. The barriers are buoyant and float on the waters surface. The barriers are placed at the waters edge, unrolled on the waters surface and floated into position.

Dynamic water installations

Dynamic or moving water is present at the cofferdam installation location. Barriers are positioned properly by controlling the ends of the unit with hydraulic equipment (i.e. track hoe, crane) and/or anchoring at least one end of the barrier at the shoreline.

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