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5 Critical Components of a Successful Cofferdam Project

Temporary cofferdams are used effectively in a number of dewatering applications. Construction sites, pipeline maintenance and construction, bridge restoration, and much more. They are the industry standard and they come in different types.

Your Next Cofferdam Project

There are many dewatering solutions available to you. Choosing the best cofferdam solution is important. Before you begin your next cofferdam project, it’s also vital to consider the following 5 factors.

1) Necessary Permits

There are several items that may require permits for your cofferdam project. Turbidity, contamination, right-of-way restrictions, and time constraints are a few. It’s the project engineer’s primary responsibility to obtain these permits, but it’s helpful for you as the contractor to be knowledgeable of them as well.

2) Water Depth and Flow

These aspects of the water change throughout the seasons. It’s important to review your project timing. Consult the U.S. Geological Survey to understand water level fluctuations and determine the best timing for your project. Take accurate measurements at your job site to ensure your cofferdam will be tall enough to control the water depth.

3) Subsurface Analysis

You need to know what lies under the water. It’s important to choose the optimum cofferdam technology to handle the silt levels, vegetation, composition, and slopes of the subsurface.

4) Your Contractor’s Experience

Aqua-Barrier® is a user-friendly temporary cofferdam. Contractors that are familiar with in-water work will be able to install their own Aqua-Barrier®. If help is needed, the knowledgeable and experienced technicians of Aqua-Barrier® can provide onsite assistance to ensure a successful installation and they are available by phone 24:7 in case problems should arise.

5) Engineering and Design

Do you have the right cofferdam technology for your project’s needs? Does the construction cost meet the specifications? It’s important to know if your project requires Professional Engineer Stamped Calculations. You need to be very familiar with dam safety protocol and able to provide necessary support in the case of an emergency. Aqua-Barrier® is an engineered temporary dam that is patented and has a Master Spec. Contact us to get your copy today.

Good Preparation Solves Problems Before they Arise

You always want to improve your project efficiency and cost effectiveness. Good preparation will go a long way to preventing many issues from happening. It can also lessen the impact of issues that do arise. Knowing and putting to use these 5 tips will ensure you are well-prepared for your next cofferdam project. Contact Us to learn more about efficient and effective dewatering solutions.

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