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5 Ways to Save Money on Construction Projects

Construction projects, as you know, have many different types of variables that affect project completion. Many being completely out of your control (i.e. the weather). To compensate for this, it’s essential for construction managers to keep looking for ways to save money without compromising quality.

Streamlining Construction Projects

As the project manager, you keep a careful eye on project status, progress, and delays. You know your team’s strengths and weaknesses, and you know what it takes to get the job done. The following essential tips will help you streamline your construction projects, saving you money over time.

Contribute to every stage of planning.

While you may not have a background in engineering, you certainly have project experience. Reality often supersedes theory and planning. Make sure you are there at every stage of planning to contribute your insight and experience. Having seen countless projects to completion, you are bound to have ideas and workarounds for many issues that will arise.

Take advantage of the latest technologies.

Keep yourself up to date with the latest in construction technology and trends. There are technologies and products in development constantly that are designed to save you time and money. Put them to use! A great example is Hydrological Solutions’ Aqua-Barrier® Cofferdam and how its internal Baffle System locks into place when it’s exposed to uneven water pressure, keeping at least 25% freeboard for stability. Technology is your friend. Don’t pass up an opportunity to improve your processes and save time and money.

Mind the numbers.

What is not measured cannot be improved. Pay attention to your productivity metrics, materials, daily progress, and individual worker stats. There are many factors that affect productivity. Employee morale is a huge one. Weather, hazardous job sites, improper or insufficient tools and equipment, and having too many or too few workers at the job site are some others. Some things you can control, others you cannot. Sometimes you can’t get around having to work overtime, for example. By minding your productivity numbers, you will be able to spot issues and hangups early on, prevent some, and keep your projects moving along as efficiently as possible.

Use products that will save you time and money.

You may have to do a little research, but choosing products that save you time and money makes a considerable impact on your project costs. Pay attention to the labor, installation time, cost, removal time, and any other factors that affect project speed and cost efficiency. For example, the Aqua-Barrier® system saves you both time and money on projects that require dewatering. Make time and money saving products a priority in your projects.

Look for opportunities in routine tasks.

Routine tasks like dewatering your worksite are a great opportunity to cut costs because of the frequency with which you must execute them. Analyze the many pieces and phases of your construction projects and look for ways to save time on routine tasks. Utilize products and technology to make them more efficient, more affordable, and more effective.

A Product That Saves You Time and Money.

The Aqua-Barrier® is a water-inflated cofferdam that is quick and easy to deploy, easy to use, and easy to remove. Use fewer man hours than traditional dewatering solutions. Shave time off your dewatering process. Improve your bottom line with the Aqua-Barrier®.

Improve Your Project Efficiency

Yours is the task of keeping everyone on task, your project as close to on schedule as possible and completed on time. Make it easier on yourself by finding ways to improve efficiency and lower your costs. A little research will go a long way. Use this guide on streamlining construction projects as a starting point. Contact Us to learn more about how Aqua-Barrier® could save you both time and money and for other dewatering resources.

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