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Aqua Barrier Hits The Road: Hydrological Solutions Exhibits at The FEPA Summer Symposium

Hydrological Solutions packed its bags and headed to Orlando, Florida to exhibit at the 26th annual Florida Energy Pipeline Association Summer Symposium.

aqua barrier The Symposium was held on August 12-14th. Darrel Miller, President of Hydrological Solutions exhibited at the summit on the 12-13th. The main goal Hydrological Solution’s attendance was to highlight our Aqua Barrier cofferdam.

Pictured Right: Hydrological Solutions Booth at FEPA


This was an excellent opportunity to education those in the pipeline industry about alternative dewatering solutions. Inflatable cofferdams such as the Aqua Barrier, are a better solution to conventional dewatering options. They are less expensive and more environmentally friendly than sandbags. The Aqua Barrier is quickly and easily installed and disassembled in hours, contrary to steel cofferdams which can take days of construction, allowing work crews to continue their projects in a timely manner.





The FEPA Summer Symposium was a very fruitful and interesting event. Hydrological Solutions was able to meet and greet many members in the pipeline community and gain important contacts. Pictured below is Darren Miller, President of Hydrological Solutions, speaking to a potential client about the benefits of Aqua-Barrier.


Haqua barrier ydrological Solutions is an international company serving companies from coast to coast. We look forward to continuing to spread the word about our unique Aqua Barrier design to provide support and aid to companies looking for a viable solution to their dewatering projects.
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