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Aqua Barrier Water Inflated Dams: The Missing Piece to Your Dewatering Puzzle

There is no force in nature more powerful than water, especially if you have ever tried to dewater a worksite or watched as flood waters threaten your property. One company has the innovative technology to harness that power. Hydro Solution’s easy-to-use and easy-to-store water barrier systems are revolutionary. The water does the work, and our patented stabilizing baffle system makes them the safest systems in the industry.

Water Diversion with an Aqua Barrier

Working in water is one of the most complex construction scenarios imaginable, and an aqua barrier is an essential component of your dewatering project. Easily deployed and completely portable, aqua barrier can be used in a variety of configurations to divert water, creating a dry work environment. Hydrological Solution’s patented baffle-system uses hydrostatic-tension to lock in place — the result of years of engineering and field testing.

Hydrological Solutions provides aqua barrier water inflated dams along with our dynamic dewatering system and the WIPP system — the world’s safest and easiest to deploy water inflated property protector.

Dewatering Projects, Large and Small

Dewatering projects come in all shapes and sizes. Aqua barriers provide a multi-purpose solution to your temporary dam requirements. It’s the fastest cofferdam method in the industry and saves time and money. Simply place the aqua barrier where you need it, then inflate with any available water source. When the job is done, removal is just as easy. And unlike conventional methods, environmental impact is greatly reduced. Also, Hydrological Solutions’ unique accessories allow for rapid installation and removal of the aqua barriers.

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Our Aqua-Barriers® are built to help provide our customers the peace of mind they deserve when working in sensitive conditions. For more information about Aqua-Barriers® Cofferdam, please visit our FAQ. If you’re interested in our effective inflatable cofferdam solution, give us a call at 936-372-1222 or toll free at 800-245-0199. We look forward to hearing from you.

Please give us a call at 936-372-1222 or toll-free at 800-245-0199 to get started.

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