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Using the Aqua-Barrier for Shoreline Restoration

What comes to mind when you think of construction projects the Aqua-Barrier is perfectly suited for? Shoreline restoration may not be your first thought. However, this environmentally-friendly solution to dewatering and water storage is an excellent choice for a shoreline restoration project.

Anyone who has observed gradual erosion knows how important shoreline restoration is. Whether the goal is removing invasive species or simply preventing shoreline erosion, restoring the natural shoreline of a body of water provides stability to the surrounding land in addition to extending the area’s life expectancy. Of course, dewatering is a necessary part of this process. Let’s see how an Aqua-Barrier can help with the work of shoreline restoration.

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Why is Shoreline Restoration Necessary?

Shoreline restoration helps with more than just sustaining the natural environment. Water-dependent structures like bridges, dams, and pipelines all depend on a stable shoreline to be able to do their jobs and last a long time. Before you begin work on any of these essential fixtures, pay attention to the nearby shoreline and make sure it’s strong enough to sustain your project.

Pro Tip: Part of shoreline restoration is removing invasive species of plants. If you introduce vegetation to hold the soil in place, make sure they’re native to the area.

How is Shoreline Restoration Performed?

Simply put, shoreline restoration consists of rebuilding an eroding shoreline and strengthening it to prevent further erosion. The most common and most effective methods of shoreline restoration are creating a buffer zone, a strip of vegetation to hold the soil in place, or through erosion matting, which consists of planting seeds in a biodegradable but largely water-resistant mat. In serious cases, you may prefer to try stone and vegetation rip rap. This technique involves rebuilding the shoreline with a combination of gravel and vegetation, solidifying the shore while encouraging the plant life to grow back.

How Can the Aqua-Barrier Help?

The Aqua-Barrier dewaters your construction site quickly and does an excellent job holding the rest of the water back, providing a safe, dry worksite. Additionally, once the job is done, you can just drain the inflatable cofferdam right back into the body of water to restore the natural ecosystem and balance. Use a temporary cofferdam to make your project go faster and make the results last longer!

Protect Your Shorelines

Whether your goal is to prevent erosion or restore a dwindling body of water, an Aqua-Barrier can help streamline your shoreline restoration project. This waste-free, fully reusable addition to your construction kit is a wonderful tool for environmentally-focused work.

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