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The Aqua-Barrier for Pool Surface Repair and Maintenance

Performing pool maintenance during the hot summer months is not likely to be welcomed by many, especially if you have to close the pool. Most pool owners don’t want to shut their pools down for repairs and maintenance during the hottest days of the summer. The good news is that you can keep the pool operational even during repairs.

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If you are having a pool project and would like to conserve water, you can rely on the Aqua-Barrier. It provides an innovative dewatering solution to make your pool repair and maintenance project easier and more efficient. You can block off the pool section that needs repairs and leave the remaining part for use.

Here are the benefits of using the Aqua-Barrier for waterpark and pool repair projects.

Waterpark Projects

Waterparks offer a lot of fun and exercise for kids, making them a perfect destination for most families in summer. Adults also enjoy the breathtaking rides along with the giant slides. You don’t have to deny your guests the fun when repairing or maintaining the waterpark. Use the Aqua Barrier to hold pool water on the other section not repaired.

Swimming Pool Surface Repair

To repair the surface of the pool, you’ll first need to dewater the pool. The fastest way to do that is by installing the Aqua-Barrier. You can fill the barrier with pool water, helping you conserve water in hot summer weeks. After repairing the pool surface, refill it with the water held in the Aqua-Barrier. For a sparkling blue pool, you need to maintain it.

Here are the tips and ideas for pool maintenance.

  • Skim the debris on the surface and bottom of the pool using a hand skimmer
  • Vacuum the pool using a pool vacuum, then brush the walls and tiles
  • Clean the pool filter system using the right procedure for the type of filters
  • Shock the pool to remove a harsh odor and normalize the chlorine levels
  • Monitor the pool’s pH levels before you add chemicals
  • Check and maintain the pool’s water levels
  • Find and repair all the leaks in the pool
  • Reconnect everything disconnected for effective pool circulation

Renting the Aqua Barrier

The Aqua-Barrier is designed to make dewatering worksites easier and more efficient, making it a perfect waterpark and pool repair solution. It’s easy to install and can effectively restrict water to one side of your pool as you work on the other side. The good news is, you can rent the Aqua-Barrier at HSI Services Inc. at affordable costs.


When it comes to pool maintenance and repairs, most pool contractors use the Aqua-Barrier to dewater pools efficiently. If you own a pool in your home, consider using our Aqua-Barrier for pool care to control water levels quickly and more efficiently.

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