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4 Tips for Business Water Conservation

According to the drought monitor on, a decent amount of southern Texas is currently experiencing a mild drought. This may come as a surprise to regions that have noticed an increase in cloudy weather and mild rain. However, the actual amounts of rain that have fallen are quite low. While we’re nowhere near emergency conditions of drought, now is the time to begin focusing heavily on water conservation in preparation for a potentially worse dry spell.

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4 Tips for Business Water Conservation, HSI Services, Waller, TX

Conserving & Storing Water

You may be surprised by just how much water your business consumes or wastes every day. Fortunately, you can take several steps to use less water and even store some water for particularly dry periods. You may have a few ideas of your own. Here are a few more to add to your strategies:

  1. Educate employees
  2. Install conservation-friendly technology
  3. Optimize your landscaping habits
  4. Store water for emergencies

1) Educate Employees

One of the biggest steps toward a business’s success is involvement from the employees. As you begin steps to use less water, keep your employees informed and help them understand what they can do to help. With their help and support, you can reduce your business’s overall water waste levels.

2) Install Conservation-Friendly Technology

How many gallons per flush do your business’s toilets use? Is that old faucet in the kitchen still leaking, wasting water and costing you more for water you don’t use? It’s probably time to upgrade several pieces of your business’s technology to more eco-friendly versions. At the very least, make sure that none of your fixtures are actively leaking water and creating a bigger problem.

Pro Tip: Leaking fixtures not only waste water, but can also damage your building and anything stored near the leak. Keeping these leaks sealed up is a good choice on multiple levels.

3) Optimize Your Landscaping Habits

Plenty of businesses have plants or nicely manicured lawns outside. While there’s nothing wrong with this convention, it does mean the plants consume a decent amount of water. Use a watering method like the InstaTank water storage bladder that releases water at a constant rate into the ground, allowing you complete control of how much water is used and when. This will both ensure your plants stay healthy and help reduce your water usage on the landscaping!

4) Store Water for Emergencies

During a dry spell, it never hurts to have some extra water stored away just in case. Use the InstaTank to store more water and buy plenty of bottled water to ensure no one goes thirsty. While it’s unlikely you’ll lose your access to water, the flow could be restricted if the weather gets too dry. It’s better to have plenty in storage than to be desperate later.

Improve Water Usage

There are almost always steps you can take in your business to improve water usage. By using less water, not only will you save money by reducing your water bill, but you’ll also help the drought end faster as less water is consumed or wasted. Try these strategies to increase your water efficiency!

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