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5 Worst Winter Storms in US History

The freezing temperatures, ice, and heavy snow of winter can cause serious damage. Winter storms bring power and water loss, make transportation near impossible, and cause fatalities. Recovery from these storms is often long and costly.

Some of the Costliest Winter Storms in the Country

Every winter brings ice and snow that makes transportation difficult and causes serious hazards in some parts of the country. Loss of power and damage to property is common. The following 5 storms were the costliest winter storms in US history.

1) Great Blizzard of 1993

On March 11th through March 14th of 1993, 26 US states experienced the “Storm of the Century.” This blizzard affected 40% of the US population with 270 fatalities and millions who lost power. Eventually, all major airports on the East Coast closed down. Four feet of snow was reported in some areas. This devastating blizzard cost the US over $8 billion in losses.

2) The Great Nor’easter of 1992

From December 10th through the 13th this great snowstorm settled over the northeastern United States. States of emergency were declared in New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Connecticut, and Massachusetts. There were 19 fatalities and over $5 billion in losses.

3) Southern Ice Storm of February 1994

This ice storm covered the south from Texas to Virginia in February of 1994, affecting many parts for weeks. 750,000 in Mississippi alone had no electricity or water for several days. This monstrous storm cost over $4.75 billion in damages.

4) Winter Storm and Cold Outbreak of January 2014

January 5th through the 8th of 2014 brought “The Polar Vortex” to the Mid-Atlantic states with wind chills as low as -60 degrees Fahrenheit for several months. The heavy snow and record low temperatures in countless Mid-Atlantic communities brought 20 fatalities and cost almost $2.5 billion in damages.

5) Deep Freeze of December 1983

“The Bone Chiller” brought heavy snowfall and freezing temperatures in more than 12 states from December 17th to the 30th. The sudden cold of this devastating storm brought 500 fatalities and cost $2.36 billion in damages.

Snowmelt Flooding: The Other Winter Danger to Consider

Freezing temperatures, ice, and heavy snowfall create enough potential hazards for the winter season as it is. However, there is one other winter danger you can’t afford to overlook. As the temperatures begin to warm again and all the snow is melting, the ground is typically saturated already and can’t absorb the added moisture. The melted snow drains back to streams, rivers, and lakes, however the excess causes serious flooding. Protect your property and job sites now with an inflatable bladder dam.

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Winter is a hard season for construction in many parts of the country. Ice, snow, and winter storms cause construction delays and damage to project sites and equipment. Once the temperatures start to warm up, snowmelt flooding is another serious threat to property, life, and projects. Be prepared this winter and stay safe.

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