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The Best Flood Control for Your Commercial Property

In light of a very active hurricane season and proposed upcoming winter weather, flood control is a hot topic. Many businesses, roadways and other entities have experienced massive devastation due to recent events and many are seeking methods for future prevention. The WIPP® (Water Inflated Property Protector) has become a popular choice for many industries.

5 Commercial Applications of the WIPP®

Inland flooding and snowmelt flooding have the potential to cause widespread destruction to commercial properties and public roadways. But there is a way to drastically reduce the amount of water that enters your building or property by using an inflatable barrier.

Here are some common commercial applications of the Water Inflated Property Protector with proven success rates:

1) Major Roadways

During natural disasters, it is essential to have open roadways for rescues and work crews to be able to reach their destinations. The WIPP® can be placed around major roadways forming a barrier that keeps water from flooding the roads.

2) Private Businesses

Commercial property is expensive. Whether you own or rent, you don’t want to lose it all to a flood. The WIPP® forms a barrier around the building to keep evasive flood waters out so that your building and other business property is protected.

3) Educational Buildings

Educational buildings often house expensive equipment critical to the learning experience. Place the WIPP® around the buildings or structures where flooding is most likely to occur. You may want to start with the building that houses your technology – where disaster recovery could be costly.

4) Wastewater or Chemical Plants

Wastewater and chemical plants not only hold expensive machinery, but they are often critical to daily operations of cities and municipalities. The WIPP® can help you minimize the damage that can occur when evasive waters enter the plant.

5) Grocery Stores

Before, during and after natural disasters, grocery stores are a necessity. Your community relies on you to keep your building safe and stocked so that they can purchase the means to survive should they get flooded in or lose electricity. Protect your storefront by forming a flood barrier with the WIPP® system and stay open to serve your community.

WIPP® Vs. Sandbags for Commercial Flood Protection

When flooding is imminent your first inclination may be to turn to traditional methods such as sandbags to protect your commercial property. Sandbags are messy, harder to transport and less safe for the environment. The Water Inflated Property Protector is a much better option.

Learn more about the benefits of using the WIPP® system over sandbags.

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When it comes to flood control for your commercial property, you want to be sure you’re investing wisely. Many are counting on you to keep these properties safe so that they can return to normal life once the flooding subsides. At Hydrological Solutions, we are familiar with the perils of flooding to your business and want to help you choose the best solution to keep your business safe. Contact us to learn more about how the WIPP® can seamlessly protect your biggest asset with little to no environmental impact.

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