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Commercial and Home Flood Protection Barriers

Hurricane season is here again and this year is projected to be more active than average. One of the threats hurricanes and other storms bring is the accompanying flooding. The damage to life and property from storm surges and other flooding is staggering. Take steps now to protect your home or business from this year’s storms.

Using Commercial and Home Flood Protection Barriers

It’s always easier to prepare for a storm before it hits. Traditional methods to prevent flooding typically involve sandbags. While they can be effective, they also come with issues and limitations. They are extremely difficult and time-consuming to fill and build your barriers. Cracks between bags have also been known to leak, letting flood waters in. They also require special disposal after use and aren’t reusable.

The WIPP® System from Hydrological Solutions

The Water-Inflated Property Protector (WIPP® System) can be used to protect both commercial and residential property from flooding. You simply place the barrier around the property you want to protect and allow the coming flood waters to inflate the barrier as they come. It’s ideally placed before the flood waters arrive, but can also be deployed in an emergency with waters already present.

The WIPP® System is much easier to deploy and remove than traditional methods. It’s compact and easy to store and transport, and it’s also reusable and requires no special disposal, making it much more environmentally friendly. Flood insurance is necessary and good, but prevention is always better.

The Calm Before the Storm

It’s always best to prepare when the weather is good than to wait for a storm to arrive. Take every precaution you can to protect your home and business from flood damage this year. Secure your property. Trim your trees. Buy flood insurance. And finally, invest in the best commercial and home flood protection barrier on the market. Have peace of mind no matter what storms come this year.

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