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How to Protect Your Business from Winter Weather Risks

As the months get colder and blankets of snow cover the colder regions, winter weather brings considerable risk to your business. Not only can winter perils affect your commercial property, but operations may be slowed or halted by extreme winter weather conditions as well. You’ll want to be sure you are prepared well before these winter weather risks rear their ugly heads.

Let’s take a look at a few of the most common winter weather risks and how to protect your business during this time of year.

5 Common Winter Weather Risks for Businesses

If your area is prone to snowy and icy weather, you are probably familiar with the destruction that can occur. As a business owner, you are likely thinking ahead so that you can prepare for the worst-case scenario.

Here are a few of the most common risks businesses face during the winter and how to best prepare for winter storms:

Roof Collapse

An accumulation of ice and snow can become heavy quickly, putting a considerable amount of stress on the roof of your building. Before the storm, you should have the strength of your roof assessed. If there are concerns that your roof will handle the weight of the ice and snow, measures should be taken to improve the strength of the roof. Snow and ice should be removed as soon as it’s safe to do so to relieve the unnecessary stress placed on the roof.

Ice Dams

When ice dams build up on the edges of your roof, they prevent the water from melting snow from draining off the roof. This water can then enter your business and cause extensive internal property damage. This accumulation of water also places unnecessary strain on your roof, further increasing the risk of roof collapse. It is not recommended to remove the ice dam as this may cause damage to your roof. Instead, remove the snow to decrease the chances of ice dams forming. If you are unable to remove the snow safely without breaking the ice dam, seek out an experienced professional to minimize your chances of causing more damage to your building.

Frozen Pipes

The pressure of frozen water in pipes and sprinkler systems can cause it to burst, resulting in extensive damage to your business property. Properly insulating and sealing your pipes, vents, ceiling/attic, wall cracks, etc. to ensure your building temperature does not dip too low. Consider using a monitoring system to warn you if the temperature does get too low and invest in UL-approved heaters for rooms where pipes are most vulnerable.

Power Outages

Power outages are all too common with winter storms. Depending on the type of business you operate, it could be shut down completely if you’re left without electricity. Ensure consistent power supply by purchasing the number of generators you need to keep your business functioning. Make sure you do a trial run before the first use so that you know how to run and maintain your generator during a winter storm event.

Snowmelt Flooding

After the last snowflake has fallen and the winter storm threat has cleared, the ice and snow begin to melt. Heavy amounts of snowfall and sheets of ice turn into a large amount of water, which has to go somewhere. Protect your building from snowmelt flooding with an inflatable barrier. A water inflatable barrier can be placed around your building to keep evasive waters out and reduce your chance of sustaining flood damage to your property.

Preparation is Key

The time to prepare for winter weather risks is now before the heavy storms hit. If you wait until the threat is imminent, you will run out of time and likely be underprepared for what is coming.

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