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5 Essential Components of a School’s Flood Preparedness Plan

When you think of crisis on campus, it’s likely that active shooters, bombs, and other security threats immediately come to mind. Schools should certainly take precautions and measures to address these types of situations, but natural disasters are also common and should be taken very seriously.

Flooding accounts for a major portion of lost lives and unrecoverable damaged property each year. As such, every school’s crisis management plan should include flood preparedness as a crucial element for protecting the students, staff, campus, and school property.

Sure, your school may have great flood insurance coverage that can help cover the costs of damages caused to your campus and replace equipment lost during a flood. But, there are also measures you can and should take to prevent and mitigate the damages before they occur.

5 Must-Have Elements for Every School’s Flood Preparedness Plan

A Solid Communication Plan

From the administration staff to every last student, your communication plan should inform everyone of potential flood risks, what to do in case flooding occurs during school hours, information about school closings and more. Your Director of Communications should be fully capable of handling the emergency state that flooding presents and have the tools in place to do their job well. Many schools have started to use automated texts and calls to ensure a broader reach of all communications. These kinds of systems are especially helpful to keep everyone informed and calm during emergency situations.

Safety Plan for Students and Staff

Your first priority is the safety of everyone on campus from the administration to staff, to students and their visitors. Devise a flood emergency plan and make sure everyone knows what to do if flooding occurs.

Property Protection

Consider purchasing an inflatable flood barrier that can easily be placed around campus during flood seasons to keep damaging waters from entering the building. Inflatable flood barriers are easy to install and just as easy to remove and store during other months of the year.

Equipment Protection

Take extra precaution for buildings with expensive equipment. Move computers and electronics to higher levels in the building. Computers that sit off the floor are less likely to be damaged should water enter the building.

Flood Insurance

As mentioned above, flood insurance is great for helping you to manage any loss that may occur. Consider shopping around, not necessarily for the best rate, but the best overall package. Make sure your flood insurance plan truly covers what you think it will.

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