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Using Inflatable Bladder Dams for Flood Protection

Whether a work site, commercial building, or a house, flood damage can be devastating. It can cause thousands of dollars of water damage and put your projects seriously behind schedule. You need a reliable and effective method to protect buildings and work sites against flooding.

The Best Option for Flood Protection

More effective than conventional methods, inflatable bladder dams like Hydrological Solutions’ Water-Inflated Property Protector (WIPP) keep the flood waters away from work sites and other structures. It is the best option for flood protection for the following reasons:

1) Easy to deploy

The WIPP is easily deployed and removed from your property. It can be installed several times faster than conventional flood protection methods. With as little as 2 people, installation of the WIPP requires minimal man labor and heavy equipment. This reduces the potential for injuries and saves you money.

2) Foreign materials not needed

WIPP is inflated with water typically available on site. Foreign materials are not needed to fill the cofferdams as with sandbags.

3) Environmentally safe

WIPP is reusable over a period of years. There are also no hazardous materials to dispose of when removing it from the property. This makes WIPP a much more environmentally safe option.

4) For residential and commercial areas

WIPP can be used to protect your work site from an impending flood. It can also be used to protect a commercial building, a house, or other structures. Simply deploy the bladder dam before the flood waters arrive.

5) Effective flood protection

The WIPP system effectively reduces your risk for damage and minimizes actual damage to valuable property for businesses and consumers. It maximizes the protection of work sites, buildings, houses, and other structures during flooding.

Easy, Effective Flood Protection

Though flood waters can rise quickly, flooding normally doesn’t take you by surprise. When you know flooding is likely coming, it’s time to deploy your flood protection method of choice. Why not choose the easier, safer, and more effective option? Make WIPP your choice for flood prevention today.

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