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WIPP® System Deployed in New Zealand Flood

Flood 2017: Inflatable flood protection Kowhai Park off ANZAC Parade. Wednesday, April 05, 2017 Wanganui Chronicle photograph by Bevan Conley.

Last week, heavy rains from the remnants of Cyclone Debbie caused serious flooding on New Zealand’s northern island. Several regions were impacted and evacuations were implemented. The WIPP® System from Hydrological Solutions came to the aid in one region to protect a few areas against the high water levels from nearby rivers. The WIPP® System used was purchased through one of our excellent New Zealand distributors, Hydro Response.

Flooding in New Zealand

A state of emergency was declared in several regions near the rivers in the middle of last week. Officials attempted contacting local residents concerning evacuations. Local farmland was impacted by the flooding as updates kept coming in. Several regions were impacted by the flooding as evacuations were being organized. The flooding threatened many local places. This prompted the deployment of the WIPP® System to protect a few key areas.

The WIPP System at Work

This is a great example of how easy and effective the WIPP® System is to use during emergency flooding. Easy to install, it can be deployed even as the flood levels rise. Water at the site is used to inflate the flood barrier quickly forming a wall around your property, The WIPP® System molds to the terrain, forming a seal ensuring no water leaks through. Your property remains protected as the floodwaters persist and recede. The WIPP® System is reusable and easy to store and leaves minimal environmental impact.

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Be Prepared

Heavy rain and flooding is impossible to predict, but much easier to prepare for ahead of time. The WIPP® System is the ideal method for flood protection. Have the peace of mind knowing your property is protected should flooding strike. Consider making the WIPP® System your flood barrier of choice. Contact Us for more information on using water-inflated flood barriers for flood protection.

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