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The Aqua-Barrier® Cofferdam Is The #1 Dewatering Solution For An Array Of Construction Applications, Including Pipelines, Bridge Repairs, Boat Ramps, And More.

Aqua-Barrier – The Best Dewatering Solution

The best water diversion solutions for any construction project located near or in a body of water. Available to rent or purchase, our temporary dewatering systems are completely portable and can be shipped worldwide.




    Discover the advantages of the inflatable water dam, the best dewatering method for your next project.

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    Aqua-Barrier Water Control Solutions are perfect for:
    • Creating and maintaining a dry worksite
    • Transferring or diverting water for shoreline remediation
    • Removing water more effectively than sandbags
    • Portability to any location
    • Easy installation and removal

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    "Overall service was excellent, and the product performed to expectation."
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    Temporary Water Dams & Cofferdams