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Aqua-Barrier® Inflatable Dam for Boat Ramp Construction

Boat Ramp Construction, Inflatable Water Dam, HSI Services

Boat Ramp Applications

Performing repairs or building a boat launch requires a reliable way to control the surrounding water. With the Aqua-Barrier inflatable dam, you can create a dry worksite for your next boat ramp project. With availability in a variety of sizes, our cofferdams allow you to work in water up to 6 feet deep.

Unlike traditional sandbags, our barrier dams can be used in a number of boat ramp construction methods. The durable material and easy handling give crews the ability to install the barrier in a variety of areas, including those that contain large boulders or rocky surfaces. Take advantage of our premier barrier designed to be installed in less than a day, giving contractors more time to focus on the installation of the boat ramp.

Available for Rent or Purchase

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