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Aqua-Barrier® Inflatable Dam Dewatering Solutions for Utility Lines

Utility line installation requires a dry area. It is up to utility companies to work with the construction personnel to apply equipment like Aqua-Barrier® Inflatable Dam to dewater the installation area. Such equipment is cost-effective and delivers as required.

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Apart from its cost-effectiveness, the Aqua Barrier Inflatable Dam is also quite simple to install and work efficiently. Utility companies can perform repairs for pipes and cables sufficiently when the area of operation is dry.

Now, let’s look at the benefits of using the Aqua barrier inflatable dam.

The Importance of Dewatering

The primary reason utility companies should dewater the working site when installing public utilities is to make it safe. A digging project requires workers to be careful not to put their health at risk. Muddy areas would present a slipping hazard.

Buried utilities may require dry soil to hold them in position. Dewatering allows the soil to become firm to bring about this effect. After dewatering, utility companies can finish their projects as they don’t have to worry about the destruction of equipment by water.

The Aqua Barrier Inflatable Dam

Using an Aqua Barrier Inflatable Dam allows workers to safely and effortlessly dig the site to lay utility lines. There are other dewatering alternatives besides the inflatable dam, but the preference falls on it because it is highly effective.

The Aqua Barrier is a cost-effective way for utility workers to access a buried utility line for repairs and maintenance. Unlike other special equipment that utility companies can use to lay an underground utility line, the dam is user-friendly and easy to install.

How the Barrier Works for Dewatering Utility Lines

The Aqua Barrier has two large chambers separated by an internal baffle system. Utility workers will fill it with water from the site. The baffle gets pressure on from the side with water to make a 45-degree lean forward to create a watertight seal along the surface.

The system’s internal balancing system enhances its performance so that it can be helpful in various conditions.

Choosing the Aqua Barrier for Your Dewatering Needs

Installation of utility lines requires workers to operate in a dry and safe environment for high-quality results efficiently. Cost-effective equipment like the Aqua Barrier offers a perfect solution for dewatering utility sites during installation.

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