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Aqua-Barrier – The Best Dewatering Solution

If you’re in need of a dry worksite, having a way to divert water is necessary. Unlike sandbags, our portable dam is perfect for a variety of construction projects located near or in a body of water. Discover the advantages of the inflatable water dam, the vital dewatering method for your next project.

Exclusive Features

Aqua-Barrier® cofferdams are constructed from industrial grade vinyl coated polyester. This fabric is laminated with a base of woven polyester between two layers of flexible polyvinyl chloride.

These units can be repaired easily in the field in both wet or dry conditions and are completely reusable.

Plus, their unique design allows for compact storage, user-friendly transportation, and ease of handling.

Customized for You

Our barriers can be custom-designed to meet your specific requirements. View the list of available sizes in following table.

Do have a reliable way to keep your worksites dry? Discover how our dewatering system can work for you.