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Designed to Last

Every Aqua-Barrier is manufactured with unique accessories to ensure long term durability.

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Floatable Drain Ports

Floatable Fill Ports

Patented End Pipeloop

Engineered Durable. Extremely Safe.

Aqua-Barriers are made of a specialized scrim-reinforced PVC material that makes them extremely durable thus allowing for high reusability. Our cofferdam system is engineered in design and allows for a high safety factor.

EZ Roller System

HSI Services, Inc. is proud to be an exclusive distributor of the EZ Roller System. If you’re the owner of an Aqua-Barrier, investing in an EZ Roller System is guaranteed to cut your dismantling time significantly.

How It Works

The EZ Roller is designed to roll your Aqua-Barrier water inflated dam with its slotted roller and ratchet arms. Due to its double ratchet roller relationship, you can trust to receive an even roll every time.

Essentially, a small portion of the barrier is tucked into the roller and the handlebars work to guide the material through the device. In a matter of minutes, your Aqua-Barrier is folded up and ready to store with as little as two people.

Easy-to-use accessories, for minimal manpower

For more information or to see the EZ-Roller in action, connect with our team today!

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