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HSI Services Video Library

Explore a range of videos showcasing our Aqua-Barriers in action on both construction and pipeline dewatering applications as well as a means of flood protection. Also available are videos demonstrating how to operate the Aqua-Barriers effectively using our unique accessories. For more tips and tricks regarding our inflatable cofferdams, follow and subscribe to us on YouTube!

Aqua Barrier Cofferdam

Introducing the Aqua-Barrier Water Inflated Dam

Aqua-Barrier Flood Protection (Formerly WIPP)

Aqua-Barrier Full Installation in Nürnberg, Germany

Prosser Washington Bridge

Pipeline Dewatering

Aqua-Barrier Flood Protection (Formerly WIPP) at Michigan State University

Aqua-Barrier in Trinidad

Concrete Repair

Boat Ramp Installation

End Pipe-Loop Guide | Aqua-Barrier Inflatable Dam

Large Bag Rolling Guide | Aqua-Barrier Inflated Dam

Our Palletizing Process | Aqua-Barrier Inflatable Dam

Unrolling and Unfolding an Aqua-Barrier | Aqua-Barrier Inflatable Dam, Installation Instructions

Small Bag EZ Roller Guide | Aqua-Barrier Inflatable Dam

Adhesive Patch Guide With Leak | Aqua-Barrier Inflatable Dam, In-Field Repair

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