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One Solution Fits All

You’re more than welcome to specify our product into any projects needing a cofferdam for construction dewatering or temporary flood protection. Our system heights vary from 2ft up to 8ft and can control up to 6ft of water and sediment depth combined. Contact us at any time to determine the best sizes to spec into your project. We offer rentals and purchases to accommodate any project length.


Click HERE to access our Engineering Specification Document

Stabilization Process

In addition to the unique internal baffle system, Aqua-Barrier inflatable cofferdams are specially engineered to safely divert water from work areas to create a dry space. Both construction sites and commercial properties can benefit from the way the inflatable cofferdam works overall to control surrounding water.

Three components interact together to stabilize.

Surface Friction | Freeboard | Baffle System

Aqua-Barriers can overlap at any angle necessary to create the configuration you need!

Overlap Requirements Chart
Casino side view

View Our CAD Images

Our Aqua-Barriers are engineer approved and stamped!

We welcome the addition and specification of our product into any project’s design. Below you’ll find our CAD images. Contact Us to access these in DWG format or to obtain our Engineering Stamp.


We are committed to ensuring you have a successful cofferdam experience. Connect with us to learn more.

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