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Aqua-Barrier Product Specifications

You’re more than welcome to specify our product into any projects needing a cofferdam for construction dewatering or temporary flood protection.

Our system heights vary from 2ft up to 8ft and can control up to 6ft of water and sediment depth combined.

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Determine the specific requirements of our inflatable dams to ensure that your application will be successful.


1.1 Aqua-Barrier® Product Description

Aqua-Barriers® are water-inflated dams used to control invasive water in floodwater situations, a means of water management to provide access to underwater areas for construction and maintenance operations, hazardous liquid containment, sediment retention in environmentally sensitive areas in addition to a continually expanding list of water control related applications. Aqua-Barriers® is a single tube devise with an unique inner restraint baffle(s) / diaphragm(s) stabilizing system required for stability.

1.2 Specification

A water-inflated temporary dam shall consist of the following:

  1. The water inflated dam will consist of a self contained, single tube with an inner restraint baffle(s)/diaphragm(s) stabilization system. The water-inflated dam must have the ability to stand alone, without any additional external mechanical or gravitational stabilization devices, as a positive water barrier and water management system.
  2. The water-inflated dam shall be produced from heavy gauge polyvinyl chloride (PVC) reinforced with polyester. The PVC fabric used to create the inflatable dam will be infield repairable utilizing a vinyl adhesive and patch material.
  3. The water-inflated dam must maintain mechanical stability in addition to providing anti rolling when exposed to uneven hydrostatic pressure from either side.
  4. The self-contained water inflated dam shall have threaded fill ports and drain ports for rapid inflation and draining. The dam will be equipped with end lifting loops used to control the dam with equipment during the installation and removal process.
  5. Method for connecting the individual units together will consist of overlapping the end of the units a specific length which will create a watertight connection. No other devices or methods for connecting the barriers are required.

1.3 Dam Size Requirements

The water-inflated temporary dam height shall be determined as follows:

  1. Static water height conditions shall not exceed 75% of the properly filled height of the barrier.
  2. Dynamic water height conditions shall not exceed stated value during hydrodynamic installation procedures
  3. Installation site criteria are required for the assessment of all relevant factors.

Disclaimer : Excess slope, high water velocities, dynamic loads resulting from wave actions, mounting surface irregularities, and changes in interrelated hydrological conditions can increase the required water inflated dam height versus retention height requirements.

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