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Aqua-Barrier Inflatable Dam for Dredging Projects

Dredging involves the removal of debris or sediments from the bottom of rivers, harbors, or lakes. To create a safe working environment during the dredging process, you should keep the water levels at bay using an Aqua-Barrier® Inflatable Dam.

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With the Aqua-Barrier cofferdam, you can quickly dewater or divert water away from the dredging site to create a dry working area. Dewatering the site helps to protect workers from any possible risk that might arise during dredging.

Using the Aqua Barrier

The Aqua Barrier can be of crucial relevance during dredging. It’s a reusable, temporary water inflated dam that can create a dry working surface in rivers, streams, and lakes. An Aqua Barrier can be useful in the construction of boat ramps and bridges.

Types of Dredging Projects

Many dredging applications require the Aqua-Barrier, and port construction is an excellent example of such dredging projects. Some of the dredging activities at a port are land reclamation for terminal activities and deepening of the existing waterways.

Here are the other types of dredging projects.

  • Maintenance Dredging: Involves removing silt and sand deposits from port basins and waterways to increase water depth. Silt, sand, and other sediments tend to decrease the water depth, necessitating maintenance dredging.
  • Environmental Dredging: targets pollutants in rivers and ports’ sections, often in industrial areas. Such projects require accurate dredging to maintain low turbidity and minimize spillage. That helps to reduce the contamination of water.
  • Land Reclamation: The unprecedented rise in migration towards the coastal regions has increased the number of reclamation projects. Ports, residential areas, and industries are increasingly expanding towards large water bodies.

Perfect Addition to Your Dredging Equipment

With the Aqua-Barrier Inflatable Dam, you can quickly create a dry working area to allow the dredging equipment to work efficiently. All you should do is get a reputable company that can install the Aqua-Barrier and dewaters the site within the shortest time possible.

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